Ana Hernandez

I’m Ana. I was born in Colombia. I went to France to finish university and I’ve been there for almost 25 years.

I’ve spent the first 23 years of my life studying. At 15, I had to decide what career to follow at university and I went for what seemed the easiest and safest to me: Business Administration. This led me to France, to 3 degrees and 10 years of professional life, as a project manager and consultant. Until I reached the largest company in the world (GE, General Electric). We all learn from everything and I am grateful for everything, but from there I ended burnt out and in bed, with medication for about 3 years. This led me to completely change my life, and helped me to discover one of the most precious things in my life, YOGA.

I discovered yoga in 2011. after 6 months I was free of most of the medication I had been taking. And in 2012 I was completely out off all of it. Since then I haven’t taken any medication, not even an aspirine. I became a yoga instructor that year and, ever since, I began to travel the world sharing the love and the healing of Yoga.

I hav been a nomad since 2012 and I gave up my material possessions in 2016, which has been the best experience of my life. I try to be as free as I can, and to do only what I want.

I am convinced that we came into this world to learn to love. To know unconditional love. And I’ve been in that story, it seems, since I was little.