In the weekend of 10-12 February, we welcome Ghosh Yoga for an inspiring weekend of 5 workshops.

An excellent opportunity to strengthen the foundations of your yoga practice, by exploring asana practice, anatomy of postures and movement, as well as how the breath works, and how the mind is part of your yoga practice.

You are welcome to join, and practice with and learn from Ida and Scott.


Programme: 5 workshops

Friday 10 February (18-20.30) – Foundations of Practice

  • We are always practicing something. Often we are building bad habits that we don’t realize and moving farther away from the goals of our practice. In this workshop, we refine the basics of our practice to make sure we are on the right path. We will look into how to practice for maximum gain. We also focus on how to breathe correctly and how to correctly use our muscles. You will leave with your postures feeling easier, a better understanding of where to focus your effort and with an understanding of how to make progress.

Saturday 11 February (9.30-12) – Building Balance

  • Learn how the feet and legs are designed to transfer weight and hold us in balance. We examine the workings of the knees and hips to understand how to carry the body with stability and ease. We explore how weight and balance are handled by the body, especially when standing on one leg. Practice will include multiple sets of standing postures, plus additional explanations, preparations and exercises. You will leave this class with better stability, feeling energized and in balance!

Saturday 11 February (14-16.30) – The Power of Breathing

  • The breath is a central element to asana practice (and life itself). Because of how the muscles of breathing are integrated into the body’s movement, the two are often confused and work against each other. In this workshop, we further clarify how to breathe correctly, going deeper into the anatomy of breathing, and how the breath is and can be used in specific postures. We also address the effects of breathing on the nervous system. The practice brings powerful integration of the body and breath, allowing the student to calm the mind and focus intently.

Sunday 12 February (10.30-13) – Bending the Spine

  • Forward and backward bending postures are the gems of an asana practice. They create movement in the spine leading to better posture, circulation, digestion and greater energy. We will explore effective engagement of the abdominal and back muscles, making your postures feel easier! We also look at how the combination of the spinal movements balances the nervous system. You will learn how to adjust your postures based on your current mobility, and leave knowing how to get the most out of your practice.

Sunday 12 February (14.30-17) – Be the Mind, Free the Mind

  • We all know that the mind is a vital part of yoga practice, but how do we use it most effectively? Should we be concentrating, spreading our awareness or striving to remove thought? In this workshop, we look at the yogic states of the mind – called the five modes of chitta -, and discuss the various ways to use the mind and their respective benefits and drawbacks. Then we will practice postures, breathing and a short meditation. You will develop profound awareness and concentration that can be applied to your yoga practice or any element of life.

No, all five workshops are for all levels!

Yes, all five workshops are for all levels. There is always more to explore and learn, in strengthening the foundation of your practice.

The workshops are open to everyone. You are most welcome.

If you are new to the studio, the only difference is that you open up an account. See step 1 of registration below.

Scott Lamps and Ida Jo are yoga scholars and practitioners of asana/postures, pranayama/breath control, and meditation. They are the head teachers of Ghosh Yoga in the West. (see also here and here).

‘Ghosh Yoga’ is a set of values and traditions passed down from Bishnu Charan Ghosh. It uses simple therapeutic exercises to mobilize and strengthen the body. It includes: postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. it is taught at the Ghosh Yoga College in Kalkuta. Bikram Choudhury was one of the many practitioners from the college, and brought a specific interpretation of Ghosh Yoga to the West. (More information here.)

Further information

  • Each workshop is 2.5 hours. This includes an hour of explanation, including answering questions, and 1.5 hours of actual practice.
  • Workshops are in English.
  • The programme is set up as a coherent weekend programme, where the 5 workshops complement and build on each other. Together they cover three core aspects of asana practice: postures, breathing and the mind. The first workshop lays the foundation for the rest of the weekend.
  • It is also very well possible to participate in 1 or a few workshops, selecting the topics that suit or interest you most.

Participation and pricing

  • One workshop: 40 euro.
  • All five workshops: 180 euro.
  • See two steps of registration below.

About the studio and the yoga room

  • We will practice with maximum 30 people in the room. This leaves a little over a meter of distance between you and your neighbours.
  • The temperature in the yoga room is 31-32 degrees Celsius during practice, and slightly lower in the first hour of explanations.
  • There are changing rooms, with showers.
  • You can rent a mat at the studio, if you wish.


Yes, you can!

You can either follow the full programme and participate in all 5 workshop, or select the one(s) that suit or interest you most.

Some take place, others not:

  • Friday: Bikram (9.15) and Yin (11.30) as usual.
  • Saturday: no Bikram, no Core
  • Sunday: Bikram (8-9.30), and Yin (19-20.30).

Participation in these regular classes is with your regular class pass.

When you are new to the studio, you can also join these regular classes by buying a single yoga class, or intro-offer. (See: Tarieven).

Registration: Step 1

In order to register, you need an account with the studio.

If you are new to our studio, please set up an account.

(If you are already practicing with us, you are already fine, and use your existing account.)


The registration and payments are handled in our planning system. We can process your registration and payment, once you have an account with us.

That also means, that we cannot process your registration and payment, if you have not completed step 1. (-;

Registration: Step 2

The second step of registration is to order the workshop(s) you wish to attend.

  • By clicking the link(s) below, you order the workshop(s) of your choice.
  • Select your option(s), go to your shopping cart, and complete the payment (using iDEAL).
  • Your order is processed in our webshop. We process all orders within 24 hours.
  • You get a confirmation of your order and registration, once we have fully processed it.


  • Sign up for all 5 workshops. (link disabled)

Friday to Sunday; all five workshops.

  • Sign up for Workshop 1: (link disabled)

Friday 10 February (18-20.30) – Foundations of Practice

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Saturday 11 February (9.30-12) – Building Balance

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Saturday 11 February (14-16.30) – The Power of Breathing

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Sunday 12 February (10.30-13) – Bending the Spine

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Sunday 12 February (14.30-17) – Be the Mind, Free the Mind


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