Cristina Furlan

I first got into contact with yoga in 2016 when I started attending Bikram hot yoga classes as a student. For some years I practiced regularly once a week. But it was only during COVID that I got to deepen my relationship with yoga through the Core system of Tony Sanchez. Yoga got me through that difficult time and this motivated me to teach others about it.

I qualified as a Yoga teacher via the Ghosh Yoga Foundational  teacher training in 2022 and in the process I met Anouka, the owner of Alma Hot Yoga. The approach to yoga of Ida and Scott, the head teachers of Ghosh Yoga in the West, is for me very objective and rigorous. Their teaching is very inclusive and complete, and I appreciate their growing mindset that focuses on humbly working towards improvement. Since the training, I started teaching online to family and friends.

In addition to being a yoga teacher, I am also a lecturer at university level and an enthusiastic sportswoman. You can probably name a sport and I have at least tried it once. I grew up playing volleyball, and then moved to explore climbing, running, cycling, pole dancing. Nowadays I still get a lot of energy from practicing high interval training (HIIT). For the last couple of years I have started learning ballet as an adult and on a different note to train my voice as an opera singer as I like to challenge myself to learn new things. I am originally from Italy, and before coming to the Netherlands I have lived in Norway and Scotland. I like to travel and explore the world.

In my yoga teaching I try to integrate all my personal experiences and my knowledge on didactics, anatomy and leadership to support my students in their development and yoga journey.



2022 Foundational Level Teacher Training, Ghosh Yoga (200 uur, RYS)