Nic Millins

I was first introduced to yoga in 2003 to rehabilitate a serious spinal injury after a paragliding accident. I practiced my first Bikram yoga class in September 2009.

After graduating as a certified Bikram teacher in spring 2011 I then spent the next 5 years teaching in Canada, Denmark, Italy and Sweden.

Bikram yoga enhances every aspect of my life from the way I carry myself emotionally and physically, to the way I see myself when I look in the mirror. If you’d have asked me before Bikram whether I would feel comfortable standing in a room full of people wearing nothing more than a pair of trunks the answer would’ve been, “no”. An unexpected bonus of practicing Bikram yoga is the fact that it has given me confidence in the way my body looks; a rare thing these days in the age of airbrushed media perfection.

As a teacher I love the fact that I’m always learning. Learning to better communicate to so many individuals how to effectively practice this healing sequence of yoga postures by maintaining the mechanics, alignment, and dynamics of each asana balanced with breath to enhance the benefits they receive. I love the fact that I hopefully get to have a positive impact on others and get to share a practice that has been such a positive influence for change in my life and provided a strong foundation for me to do deeper work in my practice of tantra.


Bikram Yoga Teacher Training spring 2011.
Certified NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Level One Reiki training
High level Tantra student


38 ℃
90 minuten

De originele Hot Yoga serie voor iedereen. Uitdagend, intensief, effectief.

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31-32 ℃
90 minuten

Kalme en krachtige les. Diepere concentratie. Bewegen vanuit je centrum.

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31-32 ℃
90 minuten

Ruimte maken in diepere lagen van lichaam. Rustgevend, meditatief en intensief.

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Ondersteun je herstel van langdurige klachten. Lichaam en geest tot rust te laten komen. Leren voelen, verkennen en respecten van je grenzen.

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