Sam (Samsudin) Lubis

I encountered Bikram Yoga in 2010 while living and working in London. I was hooked after my first class; it was a matter of falling in love at first sight.

Practicing Bikram Yoga regularly is a pure blessing. I have lost weight, my belly flattened and I am back in a shape that I am happy with. Mentally, I feel more focused, I have more patience and more determination when faced with everyday challenges in my life. I feel great every day, inside and out.

The love for this yoga sequence led me to join the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico in 2018. I wanted to share the many benefits of this yoga with others. Since graduating, I have taught classes in Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and my native country Indonesia.

I come from an Indonesian family with a strong background of complementary medicine practices – my father and grandfather were both practitioners. This, I believe influenced my approach to physical and mental health and wellbeing.

In 2021, I joined Yoga Sport Teacher Training from the International Yoga Sport Federation. Derived from the same lineage of Ghosh Yoga, Yoga Sport (often called intermediate class) is a more advanced practice from Bikram Yoga’s beginner’s class. I feel so honoured to have been trained by some of the best international coaches in the Yoga Asana World (including Tereza Bonnet, Kim Tang, Dr. Ku Not, Erik and Hanna Pearson).

Aside from Bikram yoga and Yoga sport, I also teach Yin yoga classes regularly.

Seeing students develop and progress in overcoming their own personal obstacles is highly satisfying for me as a teacher. Therefore, if you are in my class and work hard and try to do a posture the right way, don’t be surprised if you hear me giving compliment or encouragement not once but maybe twice or even more. Always, do the best you can!


2020 Yin yoga teacher training, Ekhart Yoga, José de Groot (50 hours)(online)

2021 Yoga Sport Teacher Training, International Yoga Sport Federation

2018 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training (Fall) (Acapulco, Mexico)

2018 General Thai Massage, Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medicine School (Bangkok, Thailand)

2008 Anatomy and Physiology, Medical School of Complimentary Medicine (London, United Kingdom)

2007 Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies, University of South Wales (Glamorgan, United Kingdom).


38 ℃
90 minuten

De originele Hot Yoga serie voor iedereen. Uitdagend, intensief, effectief.

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31-32 ℃
90 minuten

Kalme en krachtige les. Diepere concentratie. Bewegen vanuit je centrum.

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31-32 ℃
90 minuten

Ruimte maken in diepere lagen van lichaam. Rustgevend, meditatief en intensief.

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Ondersteun je herstel van langdurige klachten. Lichaam en geest tot rust te laten komen. Leren voelen, verkennen en respecten van je grenzen.

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